Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shh, just between us ladies...

Lately, it seems like all Poise wants us to do is discuss a little problem they call LBL or light bladder leakage. I have a real problem with their terminology amongst other things. I don't have a clue who decided to classify it as light first of all. I mean would you call the flood waters of Katrina light? Anyway, urinary incontinence is unique to each individual.
It is a problem that most women and many men will face at some point in their lives. Be it stress incontinence of pregnancy, related to aging or obesity, it will affect most of us. Universally, we seem reluctant to discuss such a common issue. Not me, of course, my inappropriateness censor doesn't seem to work. That, or I lost all modesty in childbirth. Either way, I loathe this problem. I refuse, however, to be embarrassed any longer by it. I boldly shop for my incontinence aids, no shame involved. For me, there is more shame to be had by dripping my way through life rather than acknowledge I need the product!
Now, to the nitty gritty. I have purchased quite the variety of these products over the past few years. I largely choose the self adhesive liners/pads. I am not a fan of the elastic belted variety having used them caring for my late mother her last year of life. I also avoid the fitted garments for reasons that would embarrass another person, so I will eschew disclosing that here. Also, in the street vernacular, baby got back. With my ample booty, they just aren't available in lower cost outlets in my size. I could mail order in my sizes if I had the funds and so desired.
I have tried the different pad/liner options in different brands and absorbancies. To be honest, the liners hold very little, like a few drops when you sneeze. Probably, for anyone who's experienced childbirth or has a larger "burp" of liquid escaping, the liners are not a viable option. They have pads ranging from teaspoons to raging rivers. The call these mild, moderate, extra, ultra and overnites, much like the terminology used for menstrual pads. As much as it grieves me to say this, I don't do it constantly, but if it happens, the dam bursts. My body doesn't do anything halfway, much like my mouth. So, it's ultras for me.
Now the problem of cost versus quality. I tried some lesser brands at first. I tried name brands next. Some store brands just don't cut it. I have used Tena and Poise. Both offer similar performance, Poise just tries to make the feminine prettier. The store brands not so much. There are two store brands I have found to do well. Walgreen's offers Certainty which performs well. But the one to surprise me, is Wal-Mart's offering, Options. They actually meet or exceed the name brands' performance. If I need to replenish, I will most likely choose theirs. Unless I can get a per pad price break on name brands on sale in store with a coupon. I do like to squeeze a buck for all it's worth!
Okay, there's my dirty little secret-I like to feel clean and dry.
If I embarrassed anyone by sharing, I am sorry. I just wish someone had told me these things when my need for the information first arose.
PS I have it on good authority, that my ultras outclass period pads all the way! In one of my straggling periomenopausal episodes, I discovered this as well. So, those experiencing massive menses, here's another "Option".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Speaking of...Speech Enabling Software

I just purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking software so that I might be able to use my computer when my pain is bad.This is the software that is recommended the agency is working with the disabled. I did not know however, how much time goes into training the program to recognize your speech patterns. At this point, I am not sure who is training who. I wonder if I am training the computer, or the computer is training me? It is difficult learning to verbalize punctuations and commands. I have to remember that the program is learning how I speak. I also have to remember that if I don't say enter, the computer will not hit return key to the next line. I also have to think about what I am going to say ahead of time. All in all, once the computer chair and I have each other trained, I believe I will find the program very useful. I believe people who have difficulties typing, for what ever reason will find this program very helpful. Therefore, I give Dragon Naturally Speaking high marks. I have used the program to create this blog post. Other than a few confusing words, it has been highly accurate.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

(Bleep) Me, It WORKED!!

Whenever I am surprised by a product's performance, I can't help but think of the moment in the movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" when Will Scarlett is launching Robin and his moor sidekick into the stronghold using a catapult. Will's shocked face as exclaims, "F#@% ME, It WORKED!" is how I picture my own shocked expression. I have experienced a couple of those "AHA" moments recently.
#1 is the vocalpoint campaign I am in trying out J&J's Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. I really was skeptical that it would make a difference, given our hard water and older limed-up tub/shower unit in this older mobile home. Not only is it keeping our new shower curtain, soap scum and lime free, it is slowly taking off the lime and rust AND our bathroom smells better, despite the presence of the kitty potty.
#2 is John Frieda's Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner. I had a SUPER coupon deal on two, which almost never happens, so I took a rare plunge and tried it. I have been using it only 1-2 times per week alternating with low allergen products. I enjoyed the feel and fragrance of the product with out the misery of allergic reaction. That in itself was a pleasant surprise. To my amazement as I shampooed last week, I realized that in the front of my scalp where a lot of hair had broken off from allergic itching, felt thicker! I just couldn't believe it! I am not saying it will do the job of Prescription hair regrowth media, but between reducing the allergic reactions and my scalp just plain feeling better, I believe by improving the condition of my scalp and roots, it allowed my damaged scalp to heal and begin new growth.
So, lets hear it for the Eureka/Aha moments that make trying new products worth the effort!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Living in the 21st Century?!

(I'm using a green font today, because the subject is money, as in I NEED some green)

I am frustrated by the 21st Century Check Clearing law. We are living in the electronic age of supposedly instant gratification. If the check I write to pay my utilities can clear in 24 hours or less, why do I have to allow two to four weeks (or God forbid, six to eight weeks) for somebody to pay me?!
I belong to a few select survey groups, but am growing steadily more frustrated with the industry. In the first place, NO ONE will ever get rich or even be able to survive off of survey groups or product development panels, despite what tv commercials say. In fact, when I first started, one wise woman counseled me that I would do well to make coffee money off of the industry. She also warned that most "survey panels" were in fact scams to take your money.
I got burned by one that was supposedly a test panel for a new laptop, and that gift just keeps on giving. I even had to close my bank account and will probably have to change banks before it finally is over.
When I started, I qualified here & there, but it was "nothing to write home about". I did get invited to participate in one panel, ONE TIME, in over two years, that paid $75 for three days of discussion panels. It took over a year to get paid for it. The company apologized, somehow, my completion credit wasn't put through properly when the panel concluded and the study was closed. Other than that, the biggest survey payment I received was $7 and I'm waiting on that one now.
Most of them offer cashout thresholds. Initially most required $20 in earnings to cash out, in order to justify them issuing a payment. Now, one is up to $30, another $45 and one even requires 60k points which is equal to $60. Don't get me wrong, I would love a $60 payment, if I qualified for more survey panels with that company. It seems like I get screened out much more often now.
Perhaps what is most irritating is the lag time for getting paid. I understand that some studies take longer than others to conclude and confirm payment. What I have a harder time understanding is why when the company has been paid for their services and credited me for my earnings, does it take so long to send them to me? It is even more confusing when it is being sent to my paypal account. When I pay for something with my paypal account, the seller usually contacts me back confirming payment within the hour. Is the paypal a one way current like a river and do my earnings have battle upstream like spawning salmon?
Come on, people, what's the deal? If my money I pay out has to be available in 24 hours according to the 21st century check law, why doesn't their payment to me fall under the same regulations? Or does it and I am just being snowed?!
If we are truly living in an electronic age of instant gratification, why am I ungratified?
Let's get our acts together companies! Some of us are out here sitting without our medicines or even food while you dither around taking your sweet time. I have been steadily been trying to qualify for surveys for two years and in all that time have not made the $400 required to pay self employment tax in the entire time, let alone per year.
I have moved into the 21st century. Join me, won't you?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just in time for the EVIL new scam!

What a gift from our neighbors to the north, a bumper crop of new con artists. This is so prevalent that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have created a task force to handle this crime wave. They call it Economic Fraud. It is international because they operate in Canada at phone banks, and pass themselves off as a sweepstakes administration agency for a BIG company here in the USA. I go into more detail at my personal blog at: . Check out today's post. If you get any type of mail claiming you've won a prize, please, PLEASE check it out with your local better business bureau or your bank can verify whether a check is authentic or a fraud. If they ask you not to tell anyone about the letter, etc. please DON'T listen! I had a neighbor get ripped off in a similar way for $10k over 10 years ago and she never recovered financially from it. I was suspicious when they suggested I deposit by atm only so I could draw on the funds immediately. The agent had excuse after excuse about why I should lock up the letter and tell no one and not deposit through a teller and only use an atm. I dodged a bullet of almost $5k in fraud. We are in such dire straits that our meager funds that would have bought a whopping $15 itunes card for our teen daughter's Christmas present and maybe a stocking stuffer under $5 for the two of us, had to go in the kitty to get our minivan operational (barely). We still have a tire nearly shot and other minor repairs. We eat one main meal a day at supper, toast or a small snack for breakfast so we can take our meds. If there's not enough food for a noon meal, we can always take a nap, since we're disabled. If it weren't for food pantries, we wouldn't be able to do even that. We get the oh so generous stipend of $91 per month food stamps to feed our family of three. The vicious fiends prey on the neediest and most desperate at holiday time, because we hope against all odds for a Christmas miracle for our families. Please be vigilant and keep hope alive for your family this holiday! God Bless and Merry Christmas

Monday, December 21, 2009

BZZing UP!

Congratulate me, I am now a worker bee! You see, I love FREE! Anything free! I love it even more when my feedback can influence changes or development of new products. That's why I became a BZZagent! I started like everyone else as a SOLITARY bee. It seemed to take forever to reach that first BZZcampaign and my current status. It took time, more than I expected. I got to try and evaluate L'Oreal's Revitalift Eye product. To be honest, I am always skeptical of anti-aging claims of products, even though I did direct selling for Avon for 10 years. I loved it, but if you can't get around and don't have a decent warm list, you can't afford to keep going for long. I loved doing Avon. I am just incapable of the physical demands of door to door. I didn't have a large network to draw on for relationship selling and workplaces discourage it these days, so I lost most of my market. I was drawn to opportunities offered on the internet. I joined a few legitimate survey sites as well as BZZagent. I have tested a variety products from cat food and cat litter to toilet paper and macaroni and cheese and have received a small remuneration for it, usually $2 to $5. I have been in one major research study and that paid a little better. Seriously though, you will not get rich doing survey work. And beware of "Participation Required" surveys. There is fine print that will scam you out of ridiculous sums of money. One such program charged $75 for a so-called free skin care trial that was supposed to be shipping and handling only. What is very hard to discern is that you have 14 days from the date they issue to decline it and return unused portions or they can charge you! Talk about an expensive lesson! I have been trying to find legitimate product testing panels for computers, cell phones, etc, that don't involve these participation scams. I am sure they are out there, and I know some bloggers are getting things like free refrigerators for using and reviewing products in lieu of cash payments. I just haven't made the right connections yet. So far, compensation is pretty much minimum wage comparable for the time involved, but for a disabled person, I can use consumer goods like cat food and litter and skin care despite my disabilities. I can take surveys and evaluate products online because all computers these days offer accessibility options, I just need to get a good microphone/headset to voice train for when my hands are bad with the diabetic neuropathy. If you don't participate in BZZagent, I recommend it. It is time consuming to get started, but it is legitimate and a great way to promote your favorite products and even locate coupons once in a while. BZZ!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I LOVE a good coupon!

I love a good deal. If I don't save at least 45% on my groceries, between coupons, store sales prices, customer loyalty cards and electronic coupons attached to loyalty cards, I pout. Yes, I am an adult and should be ashamed, but I take great pride in the day I saved 94%. Then there was the trip that got me 10 packages of bacon free!
If you don't already belong to sites like,, or, check them out. Also, grocers like Kroger (which operates under different names in different states), Marsh, and others offer customer loyalty programs/cards that can get you special deals, coupons attached to card numbers, or coupons by mail to combine with deals offered in their circulars.
I also, like the electronic coupon sites like which lets you set up college savings accounts(529's) for kiddos in your life, or which let you register your store loyalty cards and have manufacturer's coupons attached electronically. You can also reap college monies from your drugstore loyalty card from the likes of CVS or credit cards by registering them at, too.
I worked at a grocer that was bought out by Kroger/Hilander for 5 years. I learned all the tricks of the trade. I was lucky then that our store used ad matching as well as manufacturer's coupons. Kroger stopped the ad matching not long after absorbing Scotts stores. Wal-Mart still honors ad-matching but only accepts face value of coupons. I try to use coupons that are not eligible for double/triple coupon programs there, especially if I find items on clearance that are eligible.
Check with your local store's policy. Also, most mass retailer's policies are posted on "Hif" also posts new coupon links usually once a week.
I registered for a lot of freebie sites, and most freebie samples come with a coupon to encourage you to keep using the product. Hif is good about avoiding scam ridden so called freebies and has links to other good freebie sites.
These are just a few of my favorite tips. will post more later.