Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Speaking of...Speech Enabling Software

I just purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking software so that I might be able to use my computer when my pain is bad.This is the software that is recommended the agency is working with the disabled. I did not know however, how much time goes into training the program to recognize your speech patterns. At this point, I am not sure who is training who. I wonder if I am training the computer, or the computer is training me? It is difficult learning to verbalize punctuations and commands. I have to remember that the program is learning how I speak. I also have to remember that if I don't say enter, the computer will not hit return key to the next line. I also have to think about what I am going to say ahead of time. All in all, once the computer chair and I have each other trained, I believe I will find the program very useful. I believe people who have difficulties typing, for what ever reason will find this program very helpful. Therefore, I give Dragon Naturally Speaking high marks. I have used the program to create this blog post. Other than a few confusing words, it has been highly accurate.