Saturday, September 19, 2009

I LOVE a good coupon!

I love a good deal. If I don't save at least 45% on my groceries, between coupons, store sales prices, customer loyalty cards and electronic coupons attached to loyalty cards, I pout. Yes, I am an adult and should be ashamed, but I take great pride in the day I saved 94%. Then there was the trip that got me 10 packages of bacon free!
If you don't already belong to sites like,, or, check them out. Also, grocers like Kroger (which operates under different names in different states), Marsh, and others offer customer loyalty programs/cards that can get you special deals, coupons attached to card numbers, or coupons by mail to combine with deals offered in their circulars.
I also, like the electronic coupon sites like which lets you set up college savings accounts(529's) for kiddos in your life, or which let you register your store loyalty cards and have manufacturer's coupons attached electronically. You can also reap college monies from your drugstore loyalty card from the likes of CVS or credit cards by registering them at, too.
I worked at a grocer that was bought out by Kroger/Hilander for 5 years. I learned all the tricks of the trade. I was lucky then that our store used ad matching as well as manufacturer's coupons. Kroger stopped the ad matching not long after absorbing Scotts stores. Wal-Mart still honors ad-matching but only accepts face value of coupons. I try to use coupons that are not eligible for double/triple coupon programs there, especially if I find items on clearance that are eligible.
Check with your local store's policy. Also, most mass retailer's policies are posted on "Hif" also posts new coupon links usually once a week.
I registered for a lot of freebie sites, and most freebie samples come with a coupon to encourage you to keep using the product. Hif is good about avoiding scam ridden so called freebies and has links to other good freebie sites.
These are just a few of my favorite tips. will post more later.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have strong opinions!

When it comes to my money, I have STRONG opinions. I tweet. I roar! If you give me lousy customer service or a lemon of a product, rest assure, the WORLD will know! I follow another blogger nickname dooce, who showed me the true power of twitter when it comes to customer service. I encourage you to check out her posting on 08/28/09 at She is a powermom. I hope to offer guidance to the novice shopper and to band together with other shoppers in warning the shopping world of bad service and inferior products. Check back soon for reviews of sites, products, my shopping experiences. I may also do some compensated reviews of products, but rest assured, honesty is my number one goal. I do companies no favors if I gloss over flaws, so I will be brutally honest with them and you. After all, if they don't know when there's a problem, they can't fix it, can they? Join me in my efforts to make the shopping world a more honest, better place to be!