Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have strong opinions!

When it comes to my money, I have STRONG opinions. I tweet. I roar! If you give me lousy customer service or a lemon of a product, rest assure, the WORLD will know! I follow another blogger nickname dooce, who showed me the true power of twitter when it comes to customer service. I encourage you to check out her posting on 08/28/09 at She is a powermom. I hope to offer guidance to the novice shopper and to band together with other shoppers in warning the shopping world of bad service and inferior products. Check back soon for reviews of sites, products, my shopping experiences. I may also do some compensated reviews of products, but rest assured, honesty is my number one goal. I do companies no favors if I gloss over flaws, so I will be brutally honest with them and you. After all, if they don't know when there's a problem, they can't fix it, can they? Join me in my efforts to make the shopping world a more honest, better place to be!

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