Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just in time for the Holidays...an EVIL new scam!

What a gift from our neighbors to the north, a bumper crop of new con artists. This is so prevalent that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have created a task force to handle this crime wave. They call it Economic Fraud. It is international because they operate in Canada at phone banks, and pass themselves off as a sweepstakes administration agency for a BIG company here in the USA. I go into more detail at my personal blog at: www.toma-talk.blogspot.com . Check out today's post. If you get any type of mail claiming you've won a prize, please, PLEASE check it out with your local better business bureau or your bank can verify whether a check is authentic or a fraud. If they ask you not to tell anyone about the letter, etc. please DON'T listen! I had a neighbor get ripped off in a similar way for $10k over 10 years ago and she never recovered financially from it. I was suspicious when they suggested I deposit by atm only so I could draw on the funds immediately. The agent had excuse after excuse about why I should lock up the letter and tell no one and not deposit through a teller and only use an atm. I dodged a bullet of almost $5k in fraud. We are in such dire straits that our meager funds that would have bought a whopping $15 itunes card for our teen daughter's Christmas present and maybe a stocking stuffer under $5 for the two of us, had to go in the kitty to get our minivan operational (barely). We still have a tire nearly shot and other minor repairs. We eat one main meal a day at supper, toast or a small snack for breakfast so we can take our meds. If there's not enough food for a noon meal, we can always take a nap, since we're disabled. If it weren't for food pantries, we wouldn't be able to do even that. We get the oh so generous stipend of $91 per month food stamps to feed our family of three. The vicious fiends prey on the neediest and most desperate at holiday time, because we hope against all odds for a Christmas miracle for our families. Please be vigilant and keep hope alive for your family this holiday! God Bless and Merry Christmas

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