Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shh, just between us ladies...

Lately, it seems like all Poise wants us to do is discuss a little problem they call LBL or light bladder leakage. I have a real problem with their terminology amongst other things. I don't have a clue who decided to classify it as light first of all. I mean would you call the flood waters of Katrina light? Anyway, urinary incontinence is unique to each individual.
It is a problem that most women and many men will face at some point in their lives. Be it stress incontinence of pregnancy, related to aging or obesity, it will affect most of us. Universally, we seem reluctant to discuss such a common issue. Not me, of course, my inappropriateness censor doesn't seem to work. That, or I lost all modesty in childbirth. Either way, I loathe this problem. I refuse, however, to be embarrassed any longer by it. I boldly shop for my incontinence aids, no shame involved. For me, there is more shame to be had by dripping my way through life rather than acknowledge I need the product!
Now, to the nitty gritty. I have purchased quite the variety of these products over the past few years. I largely choose the self adhesive liners/pads. I am not a fan of the elastic belted variety having used them caring for my late mother her last year of life. I also avoid the fitted garments for reasons that would embarrass another person, so I will eschew disclosing that here. Also, in the street vernacular, baby got back. With my ample booty, they just aren't available in lower cost outlets in my size. I could mail order in my sizes if I had the funds and so desired.
I have tried the different pad/liner options in different brands and absorbancies. To be honest, the liners hold very little, like a few drops when you sneeze. Probably, for anyone who's experienced childbirth or has a larger "burp" of liquid escaping, the liners are not a viable option. They have pads ranging from teaspoons to raging rivers. The call these mild, moderate, extra, ultra and overnites, much like the terminology used for menstrual pads. As much as it grieves me to say this, I don't do it constantly, but if it happens, the dam bursts. My body doesn't do anything halfway, much like my mouth. So, it's ultras for me.
Now the problem of cost versus quality. I tried some lesser brands at first. I tried name brands next. Some store brands just don't cut it. I have used Tena and Poise. Both offer similar performance, Poise just tries to make the feminine prettier. The store brands not so much. There are two store brands I have found to do well. Walgreen's offers Certainty which performs well. But the one to surprise me, is Wal-Mart's offering, Options. They actually meet or exceed the name brands' performance. If I need to replenish, I will most likely choose theirs. Unless I can get a per pad price break on name brands on sale in store with a coupon. I do like to squeeze a buck for all it's worth!
Okay, there's my dirty little secret-I like to feel clean and dry.
If I embarrassed anyone by sharing, I am sorry. I just wish someone had told me these things when my need for the information first arose.
PS I have it on good authority, that my ultras outclass period pads all the way! In one of my straggling periomenopausal episodes, I discovered this as well. So, those experiencing massive menses, here's another "Option".

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